Better, faster, fairer decision making in water.

Reimagining what’s possible in water resource management with Periscope

Yellow Sub Hydro developed a cloud-based application for near real-time simulations of coupled surface and groundwater modelling, at catchment scale. We call this interactive environment, Periscope.

Faster model in near real time

Cost effective

Enhanced stakeholder engagement

The challenge of our time

United Nations forecasts that by 2030 water demand will outstrip supply by 40%

Water is essential to life and business

Our most precious of shared resources.

To adapt to the challenges of water pressure and build resilience, we MUST make better strategic decisions about how water is valued, used and stored.  Different sectors of society compete for our finite water resource.  With water demand outstripping supply, we need to understand how water moves through the environment – the water cycle- to help us share water effectively and sustainably.  “Water balance models” help us understand the water cycle in detail, and predict how it may react to changes induced by things like climate change and population growth.

Periscope is a tech solution that benefits ALL stakeholders

At the moment, water balance modelling is slow, inflexible and inaccessible.  A typical model can take 6 months, maybe a year and sometimes 3 years plus to reliably and accurately understand and forecast water balance within a given catchment.

How does tomorrow sound to you instead?

Periscope by Yellow Sub Hydro provides a quick, accurate and flexible way of presenting the complexity of environmental data so that it is both understandable and useful to technical and non-technical users alike. It is a globally scaleable SaaS (software-as-a-service) platform to enable better water adaptation and resilience strategies in the face of climate change.

Better communication. Better decisions.

Our tech solution is accessible in varying degrees of simplicity to suit all technical abilities. The wider purpose is to help ALL stakeholders make better, faster and more transparent decisions about water.

Yellow Sub Hydro’s Periscope is a cloud-based application for near real-time simulations of coupled surface and groundwater modelling, at catchment scale.


Only 1% of all water on earth is accessible to us. How we use water is complicated, but in essence…

Industry first. Then agriculture. Then the world.

Strategically, we are targeting the water-reliant sectors, such as primary industry and agriculture where we can have the most impact, most quickly.

Why? Industries such as mining are heavily regulated, under intense water pressure and growing investment scrutiny.

Our solution is globally scalable and capable of positively impacting any sector involving water. Whilst mining is clearly destructive and extractive by nature, it is fundamental to our clean growth and low carbon future. We need minerals and rare earth metals to create the batteries, solar panels and wind turbines of the future and if these raw materials cannot be grown, they must be mined.

Radical climate change adaption and resilience

We are proudly a triple bottom-line (People, Planet and Profit), B Corporation Certified business seeking above all to solve big problems and leave only positive tracks. Our platform is revolutionary and has huge potential to positively impact on water resource management across a variety of sectors around the world.
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